Any ideas on this?

Answer I like chocolate too

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Everysite i try to visit through google it tells me this site may harm your computer. I ideas how to stop this?

It seems that there's a worm thing causing trouble all over the world and it's just hit Britain big-time. The answer lies within your own common sense - if there's a warning that your computer migh... Read More »

I have lots of crazy ideas but sometimes my crazy ideas work. What do you think of this one?

That is common offer, but hard to find takers. In the States this job is impossible to find anyone willing. In Germany this is the choice if the young person doesn't want to do military. Old folks ... Read More »

Any ideas on how to get this working again?

I think the LCD screen of mobile has been broken, you have to buy a new LCD screen for it, Just an opinion.

Is this any good and got any improvement ideas?

1) Name your video file with relevant keywords before you upload to YouTube. 2) Title your movie with catchy keywords AND BE SURE TO DO YOUR RESEARCH.3) Fill out the video description with at least... Read More »