Any issues running 2 pc's at same time?

Answer You shouldn't have any trouble, you can run both at the same time except msn or Windows Live messenger they only allow one computer at a time with the same user name, you can always open another a... Read More »

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Is it possible to have 2 sessions of msn live running at the same time...?

Normally MSN Messenger only allows you to run once instance at a time, and that one instance can only log in as a single user.However there is a nifty little patch program called 'Polygamy' that al... Read More »

Does running 3 browsers at the same time slow your computer down ?

if they are in the taskbar then they are running, whether minimized or not but they will not slow your pc down any noticeable amount, i usually have 3 browsers open at any time and i dont notice a ... Read More »

How can I stop my MineCraft server lagging when I have a teamspeak server running at the same time?

If you shot a gun and dropped a bullet at the same time, how could they land at the same time Wouldn't the acceleration behind the bullet keep it in the air longer?

If you shot the bullet horizontally, it really would hit the ground at the same time as the bullet you simply dropped. During the firing, the bullet would accelerate like crazy, but only horizontal... Read More »