Any one know how to disable screen time out when watching a full screen online video in samsung s3?

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Watching a video on my pc full screen it seems to be in slow motion?

you might need a faster processor or more ram try and cut down the number of processes you have going on at the same time hit ctrol alt del same time this will tell you what your cpu ussage is goin... Read More »

When I try and watch a video full screen on my laptop I get a blank screen but i can hear it. How can I see it?

right click in the video and there will be a box that is ticked, untick it and then try it again.

Does anyone know how to disable these annoying video adverts at the right of the screen, because when I'm ..?

If you use Firefox, download and install the AdBlocker Plus addon. It's awesome! I haven't seen one of those animated ads in forever!

How can I get my tv to show full screen when I am watching football from my PCM?

I've had similar problems with my beemer. I can only explain this for windows computers.When connected to the external screen/tv/beamer/... press windows-icon-button + P, a small window will pop-up... Read More »