Any pages with good looking girls on facbeook?

Answer Nah. They don't put them on. At least not public. They don't want to be hassled by morons like you.

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Girls should i be looking for older girls i'm fed up with girls my age they all cheat on me help me?

I think older girls are more mature...Girls your age or younger are immature and have no clue about anything. Just don't go to old, lol.

Today I coloured my naturally grey hair with Just For Men. What do you think girls, looking good or what?

That is just sexy!!! You can tell in your smile how much you love the change! LOL

Am I good looking or just really unattractive girls?

Stop asking the same question. You're perfectly a-ok looking. Now stop trying to get sympathy.

I am looking for an A4, ruled note book with detachable pages and ideally hole punched.?