Any pages with good looking girls on facbeook?

Answer Nah. They don't put them on. At least not public. They don't want to be hassled by morons like you.

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Is yellow pages a good idea to advertise?

The Yellow pages is a collossal waste of advertising money.Use your advertising budget on radio, TV and direct mail. good marketing is the act of becoming "the clear choice" in the consumers mind b... Read More »

Is it good for SEO if I have different domains pointing to pages on a website?

Creating a sub-domain for your page(s) is not recommended as those domains get treated as "stand-alone domains" by Google. They don't get any linkjuice from your domain.

What are some good facebook fan pages or groups to join, -funny ones :)?

My personal favorite is:No you idiot, it's not my "time of the month" you're just pissing me off.Some other funny ones I have are:-It Takes Skill To Trip Over Flat Surfaces-i love running up and do... Read More »

How in the world am i to preview and criticize a book of 271 pages in not more than 5 pages?

If it's Managerial Economics 11th Edition by Mark HirscheyUse these links of power points to search for each chapter:-…