Any suggestions for a very slow computer?

Answer A system that 'jerks' is trying to do too many things at once. Check to see what you have running. Look down on the task bar (beside the clock). Right click on each icon and close it if you don'... Read More »

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I have upgraded to 2gb of ram but computer still running slow any suggestions please?

You may have a slow CPU/processor, a slow motherboard, a slow video card, your RAM may be either slow and so cannot transport the info very fast anyway, or is fast but your motherboard again is not... Read More »

My PC is running slow, any suggestions?

Perhaps, your PC needs defragmentation, and before doing that run 'disk cleanup' first.To do this: start > all programs > accessories > system tools > disk cleanup.Then a windows will pop-up and cl... Read More »

Why do YouTube videos play slow on my computer They're all choppy and slow?

Receiving the video requires that you have the proper amount of space needed to load the video temporarily. The video will be loaded in to your Web Cache. If this area is full, the video will be sl... Read More »

I've got a diesal vauxhall corsa which is slow 2 start in the morning! any suggestions?

change the fuel filter.. add some injection cleaner when you next get diesel .. ( i had the same problem with my Volvo V70 Tdi ) ... now its perfect.Good luck.