Anybody know anything about 10 points?

Answer wont show the information of anyone who posts to the site.

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Does anybody know anything about consumers rights?

Let her take him to your equivalent of small claims court. He will have to pay for repairs at most. There is no way she will get a new fridge out of this.

Does anybody know anything about robin hood?

No, there is no reliable evidence that such a person ever lived. There is plenty of information about the legendary and fictional character though in the Wikipedia article, Robin Hood

Please does anybody know anything about the law on libel?

no, you will not be able to sue them for libel - they didn't make the untrue allegations http://www.thompsons..../ltext/defamation.htm see here - it can only be heard in the high court. Have you h... Read More »

Does anybody know anything about off peak train tickets?

On Saturdays (and Sundays) there are no peak times - this means that Off Peak (and Super Off Peak, where available) tickets are valid all day. You do NOT need to buy the more expensive Anytime tick... Read More »