Anybody want to be my Facebook friend?

Answer LOOL what a weirdo Add me boyss Missy Anderson ;)

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I sent a facebook friend request to a friend she accepted but she dosen't appear on my friends list help me?

There are reasons that she doesn't appear on your friend list:-This takes Facebook some time to add her to your list. This is not a glitch.-She rejects your request.-Her account is deleted.Hope th... Read More »

Did my friend ignore or cancel my friend request on facebook?

if it says friend request pending that means the person has not yet seen or responded to the request. some people don't go on facebook 5 times a day, or even every day for that matter. don't stre... Read More »

Why wouldn't my best friend add me as a Facebook friend?

She has something to hide from you. Maybe she has some embarrassing photos? Talk to her and ask her why she doesn't want to add you. Ask her if she wants to be friends at all...

Is their a way to look at someones facebook photos if you are not their friend on facebook ?

Yes. create a fake account and send a friend request and let them add you. Its not a suggestive option but if your desperate it may work.