Anybody want to be my Facebook friend?

Answer LOOL what a weirdo Add me boyss Missy Anderson ;)

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My mum want me as friend on facebook, can i accept and not let her see my statuses?

Hmm well once you add her she can see your status or theres an idea you can create a group of your friends and write down a status and only the people in that group can see or comment on it... It... Read More »

I sent a friend request on facebook but i want to cancel it?

You can't. Which I think is a bit stupid. You'll just have to wait for their reply, if they decline - lucky you! or unlucky you! If they accept, just delete them if you really don't want them on yo... Read More »

What's a polite way of telling someone you don't want to friend them on Facebook?

Just simply state you're not interested in making friends with people you don't know and would like to concentrate on catching up with those people you do? And that you appreciate their invitation.

Want to remove friend from Facebook who has a deactivated profile which he activates periodically to spy on me?

yes agree with the answerer above ..the blockir him .. or her privacy of information about yourself to your friends who are not on facebook...................