Anyone a Ebay addict....?

Answer Used to be! I would buy video games, and collectable things JUST FOR THE SAKE OF IT. Now the way of Ebay has haunted me, for now I need to stick a lot of my things (that I bought too much of) onto ... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of an Addict?

Drug addiction can be difficult, not just for the addict, but also for his friends and family. A serious addiction can drain a family's time, money and resources, in addition to imposing a huge emo... Read More »

How do You Help a Drug Addict?

You can try to help a drug addict by putting them into a rehabilitation treatment centre specialising in effective ways to treat drug addiction. By doing this you can assure that you have the help ... Read More »

Im a facebook addict help please?

Admit you might have an addiction to Facebook. and keep track of what you actually do on Facebook. After every Facebook session, ask yourself: "What did I just accomplish by checking Facebook?" Odd... Read More »

Signs of a Coke Addict?

A cocaine addiction can be brought on by snorting, injecting and smoking the drug. Cocaine is addictive because the high fades and to feel good again you have to keep using it. You get stuck in a v... Read More »