Anyone else had their facebook page taken over by a stranger promoting a personal agenda?

Answer Nope Never Have And Yes its Wrong For them To Do That you Got to Becareful Who you Choose as a Page Admin

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How to Send a Personal Message From a Facebook Business Page?

Creating a Facebook page for your business can become a valuable marketing tool for your business. A Facebook business page functions just like a regular Facebook home page. You can send personal m... Read More »

What would happen if I made a fan page on facebook even if I have a personal profile?

you can do that i did it but you sign in as you would usually do as yourself not your fanpage then the bit you click that has privacy settings log out etc there will be a bit saying use facebook as... Read More »

What is the best reply to a complete stranger on Facebook who says"hello how are you"?

+1 for ANS reply "Hello, who are you"Alternatively, "Hello to you too, but I don't know who I'm hi-ing too so bye"You could google-stalk the username to find out where he/she thinks they know you f... Read More »

Stranger added me on Facebook and got my number?

Block him on Facebook, report him to the site as for harassment, and block his number on your phone. If you can't block his number, simply ignore and delete all of his text messages until he gives ... Read More »