Anyone else having problems?

Answer I am not with Vodafone, i am on 3 network but I am having the same problem. It is probably to do with the weather, it depends where you are of course, I'm in Livingston, scotland and I know that th... Read More »

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Anyone else having problems with Facebook?

recently everytime i log on, it says unable to access your account due to site maintenecethen when i try to log in again it works.Had trouble uploading photos the otther day aswell, and sometimes i... Read More »

Anyone else having problems with youtube?

Server ErrorThe server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your requestD:__>

I cant get on to FaceBook... anyone else having problems?

Yes lots of people are, if you had searched the questions in the Facebook section you would have seen loads of people asking this today.

Facebook is anyone else having log in problems at the minute ?

There are many problems on Facebook ,it is being developed and really does need a serious de-bugging program carried out on it.