Anyone ever used the 6000 miles with insure the box car insurance before the year is up and cancelled?

Answer You pay for 6000 miles - so if you have done 6000 miles you have used all of the premium. There won't be any refund.

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Has anyone ever used before for train tickets?

Best fares are on the train company's own website or

Has anyone had car insurance with Insure the box, Iv got insurance with them but i cant find any details on ex?

Yes and if anyone hit you, you still pay the excess,

Please does anyone know a Travel Insurance firm who will insure a 76 year old At 75 you are grounded, shame.?

You can get travel insurance from Insure for all ( who specialise in providing travel insurance for those aged 65 and above. They have won awards for the cover and serv... Read More »

My brother is abroad his car got stolen bt ten days before that his insurance policy was cancelled because of?

Nothing he can do.He did not have insurance on the date of the accident. Does not matter why he missed a payment. Only that he did and his insurance was not in force at the time of the theft.He can... Read More »