Anyone ever used the 6000 miles with insure the box car insurance before the year is up and cancelled?

Answer You pay for 6000 miles - so if you have done 6000 miles you have used all of the premium. There won't be any refund.

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Can my car insurance company claim money back a year after I cancelled my policy?

Hi, once ive completed a year no claims on my insurance how muh will an audi a3 be to insure?

Ask your insurance agent or company. We can only guess as there are many other factors.

Please does anyone know a Travel Insurance firm who will insure a 76 year old At 75 you are grounded, shame.?

You can get travel insurance from Insure for all ( who specialise in providing travel insurance for those aged 65 and above. They have won awards for the cover and serv... Read More »

I cancelled my home insurance in 14 days but the insurance company dont REFUND my deposit. What can i do plz?

Demand your refund back and if they don't respond or refuse report them to the Financial Ombudsman.…Do be aware that the financial ombudsman will take a ... Read More »