Anyone have a solution for frequent internet drops?

Answer Your problem sounds exactly the same as I have had over the last 6 months,firstly it was ok then it got worse and worse dropping out up to 60 times a day which is very annoying when trying to run a... Read More »

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I got solution from cvs and I dont know if I can put it in my eye as eye drops because of th kind it is.?

I agree with the first poster. In the time it took you to log on and type your ridiculous question, you could have read the directions on the box two or three times.

Does anyone in the catering world have a solution to the common problem of 'chefs ****'?

Lol its not a common problem, just use some e45 cream.

I have set up my router, i have got signal but my internet wont work anyone help?

What I would first check, make sure your connection is good. Hook the computer directly to your modem, by pass the router. If that works then we know it is with the router. Defently check the fi... Read More »

Virgin internet drops at 00:10 every night.?

If you live with your parents check to see if they have set an administrator setting which will stop connection to your computer at certain times.My parents did this to stop me using the computer p... Read More »