Anyone having difficulty contacting ntl?

Answer Yes, they are stupid assholes. I'm never dealing with them again.I have every sympathy with you!!!!

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How to Block Someone's Number From Contacting You?

If you want to block someone from calling your phone, you can use a service provided by your phone company or a caller ID manager. Verizon and Sprint offer a free method for blocking phone numbers,... Read More »

Contacting an old friend on facebook?

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Why is my old insurance company contacting me..?

If it's been three years since the incident there may well be litigation involved as many states have a two-year statute of limitations for claims.The insurance contract obligates them to defend yo... Read More »

Contacting Facebook - Why is it so hard?

Hi, Facebook have a habit of making you crawl through help sections to get answers rather than deal with you properly. Don't know if this link is any help. http://www.facebook.c...hp?id=26074960397... Read More »