Anyone having difficulty contacting ntl?

Answer Yes, they are stupid assholes. I'm never dealing with them again.I have every sympathy with you!!!!

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Anyone else (UK) having difficulty accessing Facebook?

Yup, can't get in all day until about 10 mins ago and it just keeps saying "loading" on the tab bar and nothings happening. Very annoying :(

Job application form question I'm having difficulty answering!?

You would put the guest at the heart of everything I do by observing the following:1. Noticing the guest as he/she walks in and leading them to an appropriate table.2. Ensuring they don't have to... Read More »

Why am i still having difficulty cold starting my grand vitara tdi?

Think about it,if Suzuki thought it only needed 3 glow plugs,it wouldn't have a 4th.I would advise a 2nd opinion preferably from a diesel specialist.There are ways of getting tight glow plugs out,s... Read More »

Having difficulty entering data into a PDF Job Application form what am I doing wrong?

The idea of a PDF is that you're not supposed to edit them - they're designed to be "read only".Job applications are designed so you print them and post them.... or copy/paste the entire document i... Read More »