Anyone know about wireless networks?

Answer Just ask your roommate what type of encryption he used and the encryption key. It was probably WEP. So set your wireless client up to use WEP and type the WEP key that was entered into the router e... Read More »

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Wireless networks..............?

WPA-PSK encryption of your WiFi network is a start. Turning off the SSID, applying MAC address filters and changing the default username and password for the router helps even more :)HTH

Home Wireless networks?

yes u can. if u have a wireless router and ur phone has wifi then u just need to configure ur router to accept connections to ur phone. if the router is indoor u'll have no problem with the signal.

Do you know about WIRELESS ROUTER?

There are two types DSL if you're on cable and ADSL if you are on BT. The ADSL one you connect through a microfilter. I have a microfilter in my hallway. That plugs in the phone socket and the phon... Read More »

No wireless networks detected in fedora 18?

So you didn't install the hardware drivers obviously. You most likely not only forgot to find a wifi driver but others also.