Anyone know how to have internet upstairs from connection downstairs?

Answer Upgrade to a wireless router. I went in to pc world and they gave me all the info.

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What do i need to get the internet upstairs i have it downstairs but i need something to send the signal up?

Buy a wireless router and the wireless net work card.Else u run a cable from the existing modem to the room upstairs.

Does McAfee internet security have anything to do with me connecting my upstairs PC to my downstairs router?

Uh, remember that firewall thingy? You gotta open a hole in it to see through...

Ive got a pc upstairs in my room without internet but a pc downstairs with do i get it in my room?

Set up a network - using a wired router or a wireless router. If you're on cable - get a DSL modem router - if you have a BT line then a ADSL modem router. You'll also need an adapter for wireless.... Read More »

How can I get Wi-Fi upstairs if my router Is downstairs?

Concrete, metal girders and stone block Wi-Fi signals. If you live in a sturdy old farmhouse, or a trendy concrete designer home, the signal from you Wi-Fi router won’t reach upstairs. One soluti... Read More »