Anyone know if you but music off iTunes .... and some Muppet deletes them off the comp is that it ?

Answer contact apple, and see if they will re-send you the files again.The music files are M4P, which is mpg4 (audio) protected. You can restore these files with UndeletePlus (, b... Read More »

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Itunes Match or Google Music as storage for 100GB of music?

Personally if your pc based i would use google Music but if your apple based the Itunes service is better integrated , but also it depends on your budget, have you not thought of a Nas device and p... Read More »

How can i download MUSIC from youtube onto my itunes (not the video, just the music thanks)?

My favorite is VideoGetting ( Its 100% freeii) Its web basediii) Convert youtube videos real timeiv) Make available downloads immediatelyv) Can convert for Wind... Read More »

Moving music to Itunes music library?

Hi,I'm entirely sure how you do it but you need to redirect where itunes picks up your music from. My hubby has his all set up like that. I'm sure if you google it, there'll be some tutorial on how... Read More »

Hello. How do i transfer my music files from the comp to a laptop.?

If could provide some more info it would help, like how many files are we talking about? If it is not many you could burn them onto a cd or dvd or drag and drop them onto a usb flash key.Again depe... Read More »