Anyone know why my computer has slowed down recently?

Answer The primary reason computers slow down significantly for seemingly no reason is due to malware. There are other causes, this is just the most common. I would start by doing a full system scan wit... Read More »

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My computer has slowed down so much recently, need fixing fast!?

first step open msconfig by typing into run menu (program menu search in win7). click on services. click hide all Microsoft services, then click disable all. If you know you need some services then... Read More »

My computer has slowed down,tried restart but no better,help?

Try running the Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter

My computer has slowed down and hangs since i have been on broadband ,,,why?

This sounds to me like adware running on start up. They are a bit like TSR (terminate and stay resident programs) in that they are resident on startup and run in the background. Anti virus softwa... Read More »

Has anyone else noticed Youtube has slowed down over the last week?

You mean like slowed down the streaming speed?If so then yeah!I've noticed.Some time it works fine and some times it takes a lot of time to load,at first I thought it was a problem with my internet... Read More »