Anyone knows how to increase my ratio in ip torrents?

Answer Ratio is the amount you have uploaded divided by the amount you have downloaded.So the only way to increase that ratio is to upload more than you download going forward.You can do this by uploading... Read More »

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How to increase website's conversion ratio?

Be sure you have proper tracking setup so you at least know the percentage of visitor loss at the various sales phrases, Google Analytics is great if you have nothing to hide. Higher volume sales p... Read More »

Do anyone knows about mentoring in legal career or for law graduates how could I find anyone in UK.?

If you are a student member of an Inn of Court, you will probably be able to apply for a sponsor under the Inn Sponsorship Scheme.If you intend to become a solicitor, this website should be of inte... Read More »

Is anyone knows how to delete my pic at facebook?

You can remove a photo while viewing it by clicking "Delete This Photo" at the bottom of the page. You can also delete multiple photos in an album at once. Go to an album you have created and click... Read More »

To anyone who knows about cables?

Here you go: (buy two)…