Anyone knows how to increase my ratio in ip torrents?

Answer Ratio is the amount you have uploaded divided by the amount you have downloaded.So the only way to increase that ratio is to upload more than you download going forward.You can do this by uploading... Read More »

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Be sure you have proper tracking setup so you at least know the percentage of visitor loss at the various sales phrases, Google Analytics is great if you have nothing to hide. Higher volume sales p... Read More »


isoHunt is a good site from where you can download most torrents. This site is home to the most comprehensive BitTorrent search engine, with cross-referenced trackers data you can't find anywhere e... Read More »


No expert but as understand it torrents are simply a way to share files peer to peer. There are sites that can list where things are found. But this tech can be misused for pirated stuff. If you... Read More »

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