Anyone stay up all night on facebook and don't have anyone to talk to?

Answer Bro I feel your pain. I never have anyone to talk to either. I would add you on FB but my parents are strict as heck and always check my profile. But I CAN give you advice if you need it bruhh. Han... Read More »

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Hi last night i was car cras and i dont have driving licence and i dont have insurance?

What help do you expect, you acted selfishly, you deserve all that is coming to you. Personally I hope you get banned, that will make the roads safer.

Thinking of moving over from BT Broadband & Talk to Talk Talk! Are Talk! Is this a good idea?

When my BT contract came up for renewal, I phoned them and asked what deals they could offer. I got over £4 a month discount on their £18 a month 16 Mbps, 40 GB/month broadband and calls package ... Read More »

Why dont the msn robots talk to me?

As far as I know smarter child was closed down! I've went researching for info and got some for you!…EDIT:Also I found this it is a list of chat bots! http... Read More »

Tanning lotions to help you get dark on a sunbed! and please dont talk about skin cancer cos i know all that!?

You should try Designer Skin, I just love it. I'm a brunette with blue eyes, and with very fair skin. I had the hardest time getting any color when I tanned. I got a Paradisio free sample pack in t... Read More »