Anyone still using bebo if so add me because i want make new friends and noone is online :(?

Answer Nah I don't use it. But I do agree with you. I think facebook is s*** to be honest, it makes me angry when people talk about it. Facebook is getting old too... at least the founders of bebo dont vi... Read More »

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Does anyone still use bebo or myspace?

Some people use bebo, but nobody uses myspace. faebook is the dominator now

Anyone know if wonder woman mac make up is still available online in the Uk or in store?

I am not sure if it availiable online but I have seen in a make up store in Bicester Village, but I can't remember the name o the store although there is only one cosmetic store in Bicester. Good l... Read More »

I want to look more prettier because i want a new me because im moving schools in januray any tips please?

You are you. Don't change how you look for the sake of impressing people at a new school

Has anyone had a negative or positive experience using networking sites like Bebo or Myspace?

myspace.positive:regain contact with old friends who have moved away or have you moved away from.easy contact with family/friendsgives the user an opportunity to discover music/videos/other media a... Read More »