Anything Else I need For this computer?

Answer make sure you have the heat sink (usually comes with the processor). Definitely need fans with that processor. The biggest thing is to make sure that the processor chip will fit the motherboard. ot... Read More »

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Do I need anything else to but this speaker system in my car?

component speakers sound worlds better with a 4 channel amp which i would reccomend or just get some coaxial speakers to run off ur head unit and any subwoofer has to have a amp or its basically us... Read More »

Is there anything else i will need to fit this speaker system to my car?

Wireless keyboard, do I need anything else?

You have a little thing that plugs into the USB and it connects wirelessly through that. And a wireless mouse............ You said you wouldn't mention my lack of wires crafty. Would they be McWire... Read More »

Thinking of changing the hard drive in my PC. Do I need to chnge anything else?

There shouldn't be anything for stopping you from keeping your current hdd and simply adding a second one.If money isn't a problem, the best option would be to boot your os from an ssd and use a hd... Read More »