Apple MacBook ...HELP!!!?

Answer might not be sitting right, could be damaged power cord, a surge of power. just keep an eye on it. some people sware it is red, but to me it is orange.

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Help With Apple Macbook?

Click on the Apple, and click on "Force Quit." Choose iChat, and click on Fore Quit. This will force quit the Application (Same as Ctrl+alt+Del on a PC), and then you wont need to hard shut down th... Read More »

How to link old macbook with new macbook PLEASE HELP?

What does "My old macbook broke and its screen got cracked" mean? Does the hard drive still work? Can you turn it on? If so just run an Ethernet cable between the two and you will be able to access... Read More »

Apple Macbook Dropped?

Its a mac... enough said.those things break easily...I'd take it into Apple and hope your warrantee hasn't expired yet, thats your best bet.Your warrantee isn't void either unless you took it apart... Read More »

Should I get an Apple Macbook?

Macbook air is very light and its battery last in 7 hours . It is best for college students and small business because it is fast and very portable . It is designed to surf the web faster than othe... Read More »