Apple keeps duplicating files?

Answer What are you moving? From where to where?Dragging a file from, for example, the Desktop into a folder will move the file. You would normally hold down the Alt key and drag the file to make a copy.A... Read More »

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How can I avoid my contacts duplicating when I synchronize via Apple cloud?

Here, this will explain what happened and help you sort it out.…Good luck!D

PC keeps converting files on storage to EXE. files?

this is one time where you can definitely be 100% sure that it is a virus, you're gonna need some heavy duty anti virus software.. i recommend bitdefender or AVG. then have your pc thoroughly scann... Read More »

My sisters apple mac laptop keeps overheating and turning off?

Download the freeware application called smcFancontrol. Do a Google for it. You can use it to tell you the temperature of the inside of your MacBook and manually over-ride the fan to make it run fa... Read More »

What Keeps a Sliced Apple from Turning Brown?

To keep a sliced apple from turning brown, you will need to squeeze some lemon juice over the apples. The acid of the lemon juice will keep the oxygen from breaking down the sugars of the apple wh... Read More »