Are Apple Computers Losing it?

Answer Are they losing it? Not sure they ever had it to be honest.

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Are Apple computers really worth the extra you pay compared to "standard" computers ?

In terms of the hardware you get Apple PCs and Laptops are not worth the extra money, but you are also paying for the ability to use the Mac OS (but you can always make a hackintosh if you want the... Read More »

All my computers keep losing internet connection?

mobile phones cordless phones microwaves and metal can all interfere with the router.They also have trouble sending signals round corners or through doors.The best place for a router is up high awa... Read More »

Is it possible to connect two apple computers to one apple display?

Sounds like you are after a KVM switch which will switch both your monitor and your keyboard and mouse between two different machines.

Are Apple computers really better than PC's...?

Not quite. They are about the same. The only thing you get with Apple is that you get a quality product. Its like buying a pair of shoes from Nike. It really depends on what you want to do with... Read More »