Are Apple computers really worth the extra you pay compared to "standard" computers ?

Answer In terms of the hardware you get Apple PCs and Laptops are not worth the extra money, but you are also paying for the ability to use the Mac OS (but you can always make a hackintosh if you want the... Read More »

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What will computers be able to do in a 100 years time compared to now?

The basic principles that all computers operate on were pretty much set down a hundred years or more ago. Most of the progress that's gone on since then has been about engineering ever smaller com... Read More »

Is it possible to connect two apple computers to one apple display?

Sounds like you are after a KVM switch which will switch both your monitor and your keyboard and mouse between two different machines.

About Standard Operating Procedures for Office Computers?

Computer viruses and spyware programs can be devastating if they find their way onto a company's computer network. This is why every company should have a standard operating procedure when dealing ... Read More »

Are Apple computers a rip off?

Nope.Best computer system available to the general public.Guess you've never used one for any length of time.