Are acer computers any good?

Answer Theyre pretty good... atleast its not those cheap kind computers.

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Are acer computers good?

On Monday morning (this week) I bought an Acer laptop from 3pm Monday I exchanged it for a HP dv6116eu.Despite the Acer having a better processor it felt really sluggish, also t... Read More »

I have seen an acer laptop in Pc world which i am thinking of purchasing. Is acer a good company?

Well, I used an Acer, and they're not very good. I recommend a Compaq, HP, or Dell. I like Dell best, as you can customize your PC the way you want it. Size of hard drive, size of RAM, the option f... Read More »

I am looking for the distributors of all the major IT computers manufactures Acer IBM HP Toshiba Samsung.?

go to thier websites and see whats hapening

Are ACER a good company do they make good, reliable laptops?

...... they make very good desktop's.We run 15 of them at work,... and the office girl's like them so much, some of them have bought Acer Laptop's.Im thinking of changing to Acer or Toshiba for my ... Read More »