Are belkin wireless known for having bad signal...?

Answer Yes, I have tried everything to get mine to produce a good signal including different positions. Best I found is the highest place to mount it like either on a shelf or hanging in the highest corner.

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Why is My Belkin Router's Wireless Signal Not On?

A Belkin wireless router is typically configured to broadcast the wireless signal by default when the router is installed. If you are unable to detect a network signal, there are several potential ... Read More »

Why does my belkin wireless adapter keep disconnecting even when i have a good signal?

If your using a usb wireless card, re-install it or best go to their web for the most updated drivers

Belkin N Wireless Router F5D8233UK4 + Wireless USB Network Adapter F5D8053UK / Bundle?

well, if you have the wireless router you do not need the wireless adapter thing, just buy a wireless router, nintendo ds is compatible with 802.11b/g signals so make sure the router supports that,... Read More »

How to Tweak a Belkin Wi-Fi Signal?

Belkin wireless routers support Wi-Fi signals using the various 802.11-based standards. All Belkin wireless routers support 802.11b, and most support 802.11g. Newer Belkin wireless routers may also... Read More »