Are people actually reliant upon Facebook for interaction with one another?

Answer Too many people, especially youngsters, are reliant on Facebook. And your theories are in the minds of quite a lot of normal thinking people. We're being silently manipulated by Facebook.

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Does anybody actually use facebook to "network" or do we all just use it to spy on people?

Are people now reliant on the internet?

Hi,Certainly. I'm a tech-savvy person, and I cannot tell you how much I rely on it. Specifically Google products like Drive, Gmail and Play. Additionally, it's a good resource for researches of all... Read More »

Google talk do people actually use it....agree with me please =D?

Actually, I use it quite alot, and only seldom use MSN anymore... Lots of gmail users use it. Most of them however use it next to msn, not as a replacement.…

Does gravity have a speed at which it acts upon another body — CP, Billings, Montana?

Yes, the speed of light. The gravitational interaction between two objects can be viewed as the exchange of particles called "gravitons," just as the electromagnetic interaction between two objects... Read More »