Are people truthful on the interent..?

Answer Well, possibly. I mean, its easier to open up and be truthful while typing then face to face.But, yeah, the opposite can apply. I have encountered both...keep an open mind, and always be a little w... Read More »

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What problems can people have on the Interent?

What a BROAD question this is.Malware, Phishing, Viruses to name a few. Narrow your question a tad and we can be a bit more helpful.

I am 14 .. A question for ALL EMPLOYERS .. PLEASE be TRUTHFUL..?

I run a small accountancy practice which I am running down slowly to my retirement so I am unlikely to actually take on any employees. But if I were I would think twice about employing you.Well th... Read More »

· If you employ someone via the Internet, how do you check if the person is giving you truthful information?

It's hard to tell. I was hired to make stuffed toys based on what they saw of my website. I had a 3 year job with one person across the country making toys for his comic strip (they had a little m... Read More »

Where can i use the interent on MY own laptop?

yea mcdonalds is my favourite they arent keen on you going in and just using the internet so get a small portian of chips :):) and eat will you surf they cant throw you out as you are doing nothing... Read More »