Are people truthful on the interent..?

Answer Well, possibly. I mean, its easier to open up and be truthful while typing then face to face.But, yeah, the opposite can apply. I have encountered both...keep an open mind, and always be a little w... Read More »

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What problems can people have on the Interent?

What a BROAD question this is.Malware, Phishing, Viruses to name a few. Narrow your question a tad and we can be a bit more helpful.

Nearly 18 getting my first tattoo need opinions that will be truthful?

Like my mom always says. "Instead of getting a tattoo why don't you just make a picture and hang it on your fridge."

I am 14 .. A question for ALL EMPLOYERS .. PLEASE be TRUTHFUL..?

I run a small accountancy practice which I am running down slowly to my retirement so I am unlikely to actually take on any employees. But if I were I would think twice about employing you.Well th... Read More »

How do you know when your boyfriend is beign truthful about being IN LOVE with chu?

i dont think you can ever truely know without a lie detector test!! thats why relationships are built on trust you have to believe and trust him when he says he loves you and that hes not lying to ... Read More »