Are previous employers allowed to blacken your reputation when approached by a new employer for references?

Answer Not in the Uk, it is illegal. However they can refuse to supply a reference for you which would make your new employer suspicious.

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Are employers allowed to give out bad references?

If they have an HR department, the only thing they will tell is:1) start date2) end date3) position title4) salary5) "Is this person eligible for rehire"They will only answer these questions to avo... Read More »

Is new employer allowed to check salary with previous employer?

Yes. Legally, a previous employer is only supposed to state your last salary, position held, and whether or not you'd be rehired.

Employers references?

I suggest you read the case law that is TSB v Harris. You can find it with your search engine of choice!Your example reminds me of this.

(UK) Do employers actually contact your references on your CV?

If you're getting your job through an agency, an agency will ALWAYS contact your references because if there's any problem with you, then the employer will hold them accountable.If you're applying ... Read More »