Are remanufactured ink cartridges cheaper for older model printers than newer ones?

Answer What do mean by re-manufactured?Ink Jet Cartridge either manufactured by there respected Company i.e. HP, Cannon, etc or manufactured by Third-Party which are usually low quality product.Most of th... Read More »

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Original printer cartridges are better than cheap ones is this true?

I've tried many types of cartridge in my epson printers, simply because I was sick of paying what amounted to £700 per litre for genuine epson ink.To say genuine ink is better than compatibles is ... Read More »

How to Change Ink Cartridges on Lexmark Printers?

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You're probably talking about LEDs. Chavs buy them for their Corsas out of Halfords I believe. Spend the money on a service or something that'll actually benefit the car in some way.