Are the Directx 10 for windows xp downloads safe?

Answer Yes it's safe. But go to programs in the control panel and make a backup (takes less than 2 mins) just to be safe.Get the most popular one.

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Can u download DirectX 10 for windows xp?

DirectX 10 ships with and is only available with Windows Vista; previous versions of Windows are not able to run DirectX 10-exclusive applications.Direct3D 10: Designed around the new driver model ... Read More »

Is there directx 12 available for windows 7, if yes where i can find this or its just for win 8?

DX 11 is for windows 7.DX 11.1 is for windows 8.There is no DX 12.

How safe is Windows?

Windows XP firewall is crap.Turn it off and download and install Comodo Personal Firewall: Free or ZA Cut down is awful, ZA Pro is a good firewall b... Read More »

Is it safe to buy "windows vista"?

it still has problems .. but they can be worked around for the most part .. i would still wait or find one with xp thats vista ready ...