Are the Directx 10 for windows xp downloads safe?

Answer Yes it's safe. But go to programs in the control panel and make a backup (takes less than 2 mins) just to be safe.Get the most popular one.

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Is there directx 12 available for windows 7, if yes where i can find this or its just for win 8?

DX 11 is for windows 7.DX 11.1 is for windows 8.There is no DX 12.

Can u download DirectX 10 for windows xp?

DirectX 10 ships with and is only available with Windows Vista; previous versions of Windows are not able to run DirectX 10-exclusive applications.Direct3D 10: Designed around the new driver model ... Read More »

How safe is Windows?

Windows XP firewall is crap.Turn it off and download and install Comodo Personal Firewall: Free or ZA Cut down is awful, ZA Pro is a good firewall b... Read More »

Is it safe to buy "windows vista"?

it still has problems .. but they can be worked around for the most part .. i would still wait or find one with xp thats vista ready ...