Are there any advantages for me joining someones professional profile on

Answer I am on Linkedin, but I find it a complete waste of time. Who bothers to go there to check credentials? I certainly don't. It's just a myspace for business people in my opinion.

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I'm trying to post a comment on someones profile on bebo it doesn't work it says "flagged as profile spam" ?

Spam detect is based on things like the inclusion of http (web) codes or images (like tags), use of CAPITAL LETTERS and inclusions of email ('@') or web (.com) addresses ....Just type in simple ... Read More »

Help! How to email someones profile?

If this is regarding MySpace, you can not email someone with an email provider outside of MySpace. The messaging system is for internal site based messaging between members. If you're trying to mes... Read More »

How to find someones profile?

On facebook if youve been looking at someones profile who you used to be friends with?

No you can't be detected just looking at someone's profileFacebook doesn't allow that