Are there any genuine sites that can tell you who unfriended you on Facebook?

Answer there's an app you can use for facebook... not sure if it still works, i've never tried itbut if you find it and want to use it, keep in mind it will only be able to tell you if someone unfriended ... Read More »

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Are there any photo printing sites that let you use photos that you are tagged in on Facebook?

Doubtful, since they aren't your photos they are just photos that you are in.Try saving the pictures to your computer and print them from there.

Does anyone know any genuine sites that can let me see who's unfollowed me on Twitter?

Most of them do work. Like Who Unfollowed Me [1] they just require an initial synchronisation with your account then you come back periodically to check what has changed.None of these services wil... Read More »

Does anyone know any genuine sites that you can work from home uk only no surveys?

Do you want a "JOB" where you get paid an hourly wage, or are you considering a home based business?If you are looking for a JOB in the UK, I dont know of any. All my resources are for US companie... Read More »

Is there any web sites that will check other web sites to see when they have been updated?

I did some research and found these fairly quickly by doing a search for "check for website updates"If you're using Firefox there are two Add-ons you may want to check out:https://addons.mozilla.or... Read More »