Are there any little boys still on their computers What is "Wilfing" on your computer,please?

Answer You know what? ...Also big girls know the answer *lol*"mouse potatoe"... I never heard that before... great! :)Useful terms for a more precise self-description *ggg****@C: That's indeed a positive ... Read More »

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Are there any computers in the world that start up as soon as their button is turned on?

Nope computers have to go thru a logical start up and bring all sorts of little programs up in a specific order. Lots of little programs you don't even know about. A computer is not a TV.

If someone has their facebook profile to private, is there a way i can view it still?

You'll have to ask them to add you as a friend. If it was so easy to view private profiles, you would know it by know.

Is there any real financial help for people who own their own homes and still work?

What did you think was the point of owning a house when you were deciding to buy one? How did you think you were going to afford to maintain it?As a homeowner, you should be qualified for signific... Read More »

When u block someone on msn, will you still be there on their friends list?

yes..... you can't take your name off of there list.