Are there places online I can post my blog for more readers?

Answer You could start up a new blog on a site called 'Tumblr'. This site is free, and you can post text, pictures, ask and answer questions, there's loads of features. All you need to do is sign up by us... Read More »

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How do you post a file onto someone else's blog?

You must check first, if his blog allows that kind of posting. So you must be sure if is that kind of blog or not

How can I post a blog on the new MySpace app?

follow given below steps to post in MySpace blog:Once logged into your Myspace Artist Profile, navigate to your “My Stuff” section located on the right side of your home page. Select âÂ... Read More »

About blog post rss feed?

Well Blogger and WordPress automatically generates free RSS feed for you.But if you don't use then then you can use provide a redirect URL (address) for your feed that your audi... Read More »

What do you guys think I can post on my blog (teens) ?

Write some funny stories?? Like about your life because people always find that funny!! :D I go babysitting and tell the kids the funniest stories of my life and they love it!! (eg. I slipped over ... Read More »