Are these broadband stats good?

Answer I'd consider that speed to damn goodi'm not really sure if it would help to change your router, but it would help to configure it for your needsport forwarding and the like^_^

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Are these stats any good…?

Very impressive indeed.www."This page is private.You don't have permission to view this page.Here's a link back to your home page."Type them out here in plain text so we can read them. ... Read More »

Are these computer stats half descent and will the computer work?

Nvidia GTX 650 ti is actually a good mid-range card. You can probably turn the graphics up to high, but only at 30 frames per second instead of the usual threshold of 60 fps.(30 frames per second ... Read More »

Is SKY BROADBAND any good (Answers from Sky broadband customers would be appreciated) thank you!?

Yes, I have no problems at all, just the odd hiccup when we first installed it. We pay £26 a month for TV, phone, and sky package without films or sports. But you have to pay for calls during the ... Read More »

Sky broadband I am with BTinternet at the minute but SKY internet is free. Are sky broadband any good?

been with sky over a year no probs rec max for £10 a month download speed 10 to 12 mb day and night plus free wireless router shame its a netgear but works