Are these measurements ok?

Answer Sounds abit like my measurements haha.How tall are you?I'm 5'7 and people call me skinny lol

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Do you think these measurements are unattractively thin?

No, I think that's pretty normal. I'm 31 at the bust, 26 at the waist, 34 at the hips and I'm 5'5. I weigh 110 pounds so I'm not really underweight, nor do I look exceptionally thin compared to my ... Read More »

Ladies - which of these of these sales parties would you rather go to?

I think food tasting would be the most exciting for you- there is a wide variation in the possibilities of food-- everyone likes food- more chance of getting bookings, as food tasting is popular al... Read More »

Would both of these cases be compatible with these components?

Either case will work with the parts listed in the complete build, personally, i would go with the Corsair for a better quality case.

Where do these people with these FOUR by FOURs get there money from?

I have a 4x4 and it meets all emissions requirements! And yes, it's big, and I WORK to pay for it!!!! And YES, I need it to pull my horse trailer!!!