Are you a fan of this why?

Answer Omg.. Im a fan of that. .LOOOOOLIts when.. you dont want to tell the person that youre upset.. or hurt..for many reasons.. xD

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Please help me .can this gpu and cpu cooler fit into this cabinet (Thermaltake Armor A60 )?

Is this fair what a employer can do to you And is there anything I can do to get them noticed for this?

Of course it is fair. They cannot hang around waiting for you. This sounds like a casual job, so if you cannot do it someone else will.Nothing unfair about it.UK

Will this mother board work with this Video card?

look pci express slots. if gpu and mother board has same slot for example "pci express 3.0" or pci express 2.0" it is okay and works well. if you are going to use sli or crossfire be sure mother bo... Read More »

Are smart meters bad for peopleÂ’s health Is this actually not knowable at this time -- ED?

If by smart meters you mean the devices that monitor power usage and possibly adjust power consumption to periodically, then I don't see how they can affect health. Their communications with the sm... Read More »