Are you a recent graduate in Computer Science / Information Technology?

Answer During Uni I'd get summer work experience at IT companies and when I graduated I wrote up my CV and applied to both large companies such as IBM and Logica CMG. In the end I found a job with a local... Read More »

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Why did you chose to study Information Technology/Computer Science than Humanities related courses?

Slightly different, I was almost forced to do Computers instead of Art - although this was at the point when I was in 3rd year at secondary school. Although I miss the art and have done some in th... Read More »

Computer Science with Games Technology or computer science at city university?

It is hard to decide for you but it is easy to decide which is in more demand and has better prospects in terms of pay. It really depends where you are but if you look on websites like http://www.t... Read More »

Computer Science worst for graduate employement?

What sort of job would this lead to ?That is what you have to research.UK

How to work in America as a Computer Science graduate?

Do any of the companies have offices in the UK? If so, apply there, and enquire about an L-1 visa - this is a transfer inside the company, but sends you to Silicon Valley.You probably need to try ... Read More »