Are you addicted to Yoville! Need some tips?

Answer Omg! I love Yoville, I play it on Facebook. lolWell anyway, usually when you get asked to do missions, you will earn a little money, sometimes up to 400 yocoins a day. Visit friends that you haven'... Read More »

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I am 13 and i am addicted to msn. i need some hobbie ideas, i do sport about 5 times a week?

1. Try golfing, or get a friend to mini golf with you. People who enjoy regular golf can spend a whole afternoon at the course. 2. It's summer, go swimming! Even if you don't live near a beach, m... Read More »

How much is the blue dj booth worth - yoville - yoville -?

This all depends on the price of that product. It's usually $129.99. You will need to check each store for the price.Good luck!

Can i sell some of my furniture in yoville on facebook...if so how?

Yes you can sell your furniture in Yoville. There are some items you can't sell like the original kitchen appliances but the furniture you start off with in your apartment can all be sold.Click on... Read More »

I need some tips on how to revise?