Are you addicted to your computer and the internet?

Answer I bet I would have an easier time leaving cocaine then leaving my machine, not that I do drugs or anything ;)

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I think im addicted to the internet?

Hello,(ANS) Internet addiction as its called, is a rather misleading definition in my opinion. OK! lets be specific here, we live in a time were almost every home, business, organization, office, ... Read More »

Addicted to the Internet?

I have been there and now I am recovered....awww just wait till we all have to pay to sign onto yahoo! you won't like the internet too much anymore!

Am i addicted to the internet?

lol i used to be the same, but its important to go out with your friends when they ask you other wise they will just be like "hey you wanna go knock for Jessie" "nahh she never comes out" and you w... Read More »

What should I do if I am addicted to the internet?