Are you still using a Commodore 64 computer?

Answer Um, yeah, because I can access the internet using a Commodore 64. Surely you know that, Suralan! :)I did have a Commodore +4 as a kid - that's even more ancient than the C64!

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My computer freeze even press alt ctrl delt still nothing hapen,checked hard disk but still same please help?

Mine did that recently and I was told it was because there wasn't enough working space left on my PC. I right clicked on explorer and looked at the 'properties' for my C drive and there was no spa... Read More »

How can I fix my Commodore 64?

You have my sympathy. My Atari 130XE had its keyboard die. (Cheap keyboard, Jack Trammel had taken over.) That was heart-break. I've dumped plenty of IBM compatibles, but, hey, they're expendable.B... Read More »

What is a Commodore 64?

The Commodore 64 was a personal computer produced during the 1980s. Due to its low cost and high availability, the Commodore 64 eventually became the best-selling computer model of all time. The Co... Read More »

I my name is kumaravel.i was using acer moniter and zebranic cpu . One day i was using my computer i scan my?