Are you still using a Commodore 64 computer?

Answer Um, yeah, because I can access the internet using a Commodore 64. Surely you know that, Suralan! :)I did have a Commodore +4 as a kid - that's even more ancient than the C64!

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How can I fix my Commodore 64?

You have my sympathy. My Atari 130XE had its keyboard die. (Cheap keyboard, Jack Trammel had taken over.) That was heart-break. I've dumped plenty of IBM compatibles, but, hey, they're expendable.B... Read More »

What is a Commodore 64?

The Commodore 64 was a personal computer produced during the 1980s. Due to its low cost and high availability, the Commodore 64 eventually became the best-selling computer model of all time. The Co... Read More »

Do you miss the computers like the commodore 64 from the 80s?

Actually, yes I do... from the TRS-80 (lovingly called the "Trash 80") and all those you mentioned as well.Fortunately, I've always been something of a pack rat, so I still have several of those ol... Read More »

How to Install a Holden Commodore Antenna?

If you've had a broken or damaged power antenna removed from your Holden Commodore, the next step is to replace it. You can take your car to the dealership and have them do it for you, but that can... Read More »