Argument over Facebook ?

Answer you both are you had no reason to get involved in your friends argument if she was that worried by him she would of stopped him commenting on her photos same with this other person

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What would be your next Facebook status after you had a argument with a person you fancied?

how about finding a song that u can relate too? then post some lines that relates to ur situation?

Can u solove an argument?

of course it illegal, not only by Microsoft but laws in your own country often prevent such actions. But if you are asking if you will get in trouble running a copy of Windows that you didn't buy, ... Read More »

How to Make Up After a Big Argument?

Arguments can leave both parties feeling upset and confused. While arguments are typical in relationships, it is the ability of both parties to reconcile after a major disagreement that stands a te... Read More »

Help settle an argument!?