As soon as bt infinity came to my area my speed went up and I am on ADSL?

Answer This is because before fibre installed they upgrade the exchange from ADSL MAX (upto 8mbps) to ADSL2 (upto 20mbps). This is a free upgrade for all customers of BT as they are getting rid of the ADS... Read More »

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I went 60mph in a 50 zone on an A road and went past a speed camera will I get into trouble IN THE UK!?

Not all cameras flash to take a pick so no flash means nothing.If the camera was active expect a 3 point endorsment and a £60 fine fixed penalty if you were doing over 57 mph - if your speedo said ... Read More »

Saw a speed camera facing me so slowed down when i went past the back i was well under the speed limit will it?

"i though they only had cameras in the back and on the side"That is why some people shouldn't think.They have forward facing cameras, too.

Can u upgrade ur uploading speed on by infinity and if so how and how much:)?

Compare you current upstream data rate with the estimated figure BT infinity give you.BT claim up to 19Mb/s for their top infinity product but how many people in the real world ever actually get th... Read More »

Bt infinity 76mbps, what is the top speed in terms of downloads?

I have no experience with BT so I am not entirely sure, but 76 megabits is equal to 9.5 megabytes, roughly your ACTUAL download speed is 1/8th of what you are given, other factors do affect the act... Read More »