As soon as my brother comes home the internet lags?

Answer Tell him to stop downloading crap or to cap his upload speed on his torrent app.

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My internet security comes up for renewal very soon. I have read nothing but bad reviews of Norton...?

I have used AVG Anti Virus, Zone Alarm Firewall, Spy-bot Search and Destroy and Ad Aware both spyware killers for years. They are all free for personal use and I have had no trouble with Viruses Tr... Read More »

Soon as i put water in my car it comes straight out?

HIIf you mean as soon as you put the coolant in the radiator it comes out the top back at you .... sounds like a stuck thermostat. or if you just replaced the thermostat then may be its in backward... Read More »

Albert Einstein said... I never think of the future-- it comes soon enough!....what do you think?

the future never comes ~tomorrow is the future ~in 24 hours it will be the now and 24 hours later ~the pastsome of Einsteins other quotes are more sarcastic or caustic in nature~Common sense is th... Read More »

How can my dad or brother see what im downloading/searching on the internet?

Absolutely! There are a wide variety of "parental control" packages that do just that -- allow someone to monitor everything that you do on the internet. The software would have to run on your sy... Read More »