As soon as my brother comes home the internet lags?

Answer Tell him to stop downloading crap or to cap his upload speed on his torrent app.

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How do I ban my brother from accessing internet through my house's Wi-Fi?

change the password on the router so his computer can't access, then change the password on your computer so he can't use that

How can my dad or brother see what im downloading/searching on the internet?

Absolutely! There are a wide variety of "parental control" packages that do just that -- allow someone to monitor everything that you do on the internet. The software would have to run on your sy... Read More »

Instructions for a Brother Home Knitting Machine?

Brother home knitting machines are devices that consist of a needle bed and a hand-held carriage. You operate the machine by first threading your yarn through the various guides and into the carria... Read More »

My brother Got the payslip but didnt recieve this month's pay is my brother lying?

I think he really is lying because payslip is the proof that the money has been transferred. If it wouldn't have so, why would they post it to your home?Regards,Steven McGarry