Asking for Ice Cream from burger king?

Answer yes

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What do you like to order from Burger King?

If you go to BK I'd recommend you accept the offer of a drink with the "meal" ...especially if you're in so much of a rush you end up ordering what's already cooked and sunbathing under the heat la... Read More »

I found a live black bug today in my burger in burger king, what do i do?

contact environmental health or threaten the manager with this action, tell him you want to speak to head office. If they still ignore you tell them you are gonna go to your local press. They will... Read More »

McDonalds or Burger King!?

Burger King b/c the establishment offers grilled foods not deep breaded fatty entrees. We like the BK "Broiler " with tomatoes and all the flame broiled burgers minus cheese and mayo. At Burger K... Read More »

Mc'Donalds or Burger King?

Can I answer both for different reasons?I think BK burgers are sooooo much better, but I prefer Mcdonalds fries!