Assigning games and applications help?

Answer If you want to play a game over the internet, a port on the router might need to be opened from the router to the computer.By assign a game it will open a specific port to the PC.If you have issues... Read More »

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Why is it that the facebook games and applications?

Mine all seem to work for the most part Lyns..Maybe its a Vauxhall driver backlash.....hehehehe

What does an applications programmer do in the games industry?

An applications programmer creates the computer code for the applications: the games. (A systems programmer creates the code for the architecture, operating system.)

Is it possible to change settings on facebook to hide games applications from certain friends?

yes you can hide. go on facebook account setting then you will find each and every option there :-)

How to make computers connect to exchange server without assigning static IP and DNS details?

how can anyone remember all those ridiculous domain names. its way easier to remember an ip address then it is to remember all the jibberish letters in domain nameits the router that should point t... Read More »