B.A!! Everytime I make an update my wirless connection can't find any local connections! HELP!!?

Answer This is a common problem why i am not sure but this microsoft link should help you…

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Where do you find ''Local Area Connection'' in windows 7?

It's there  →*Points to right half of split middle section of Network and Sharing Centre window.*Third item down, "Connections:  Local Area Connection"  Click on it to get the LAN window.

Why does my wirless internet connection keep going?

Try relocating the router so the signal isn't interrupted. A mobile phone can sometimes steal the signal as the new ones are Internet capable and they use wireless technology to access the Internet... Read More »

Local Area Connections?

to save getting too technical and in depth...Yes. Yes it is necessary because it protects from viruses and hacker to attack your PC.

How can I make an ethernet connection LOCAL only?

use static ips and dont set dns server or gateway for the local network