B.A!! Everytime I make an update my wirless connection can't find any local connections! HELP!!?

Answer This is a common problem why i am not sure but this microsoft link should help you…

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Computer Expert needed I need help on setting up a wirless internet connection !!!?

Your Belkin aerial is receiver only.You need to have a wireless router (often modem routers have wireless as well).

If Desktop PC is showing local area connection enabled but still cant access webpages etc. What do i do?

Cant find the lengh of the caravan curtains cant get to it ,its a willerby granada 1998 the firm cant help can?

Hi LYNN this is an impossible question to answer really as we don't know either. why is it an issue you have to just to go and do it when the caravan arrives if it is needed.

Where do you find ''Local Area Connection'' in windows 7?

It's there  →*Points to right half of split middle section of Network and Sharing Centre window.*Third item down, "Connections:  Local Area Connection"  Click on it to get the LAN window.