BSOD, please help, error code:0x0000007E?

Answer If safemode doesn't boot and load all the drivers, then you may have a corrupted, or dying hard drive. Try popping another hard drive in if you have a compatible one from another computer. If windo... Read More »

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How to get rid of BSOD?

There are many causes of a BSOD (officially known as a Stop Error). I used to get it because of a power supply that wasn't strong enought to power the new graphics card I put in. I got it once when... Read More »

What is the likely cause of BSOD after 10 minutes use?

Hi Mark,Blue screen errors can be caused due to hardware or software issues. I would suggest running the diagnostics to check the hardware. The steps are listed on the link below: Read More »

BSOD problem?

Some of the initial things I would check are:1) Is the power supply powerful enough? If so, it may be faulty.2) Check your processor - is it fitted correctly? It could be overheating.3) Have you ... Read More »

What Causes USBPORT.sys BSOD?

A USBPORT.sys error, which is sometimes followed by a Blue Screen of Death, can occur even on new computers and happens for several reasons. This error may be a driver issue, a problem in the windo... Read More »