BSOD, please help, error code:0x0000007E?

Answer If safemode doesn't boot and load all the drivers, then you may have a corrupted, or dying hard drive. Try popping another hard drive in if you have a compatible one from another computer. If windo... Read More »

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Blue Screen (BSOD) help please!!!?

You have a hardware failure. Try the following:-Boot the computer into Windows Safe Mode by pressing F8 about once every second during startup.Now download and run the Windows Defender application... Read More »

Sony DVD/CD player problem can you help please Error message " I/O device error" any fix for this?

try re installing the software for the device...........go into system device manager from you control panel / device manger and uninstall it then reload the software or let windows recognize it an... Read More »

Please help me how to fix my error.?

Instead of the Download folder, select some other folder to save the downloaded files (best to save files on Desktop)... Give it a try, hope it will help

Help please on msn error code?

MSN seems to be having problems at the moment,mine signed in automatically every time ,now i have to sign in every time i want to use it,this can be caused because you have changed from Windows Mes... Read More »